“We were

Contemplated us, while we looking for to enter in the mind one of the other. To finding to understand which kind of magic connection there was between us and the stones. Because there was. You gently, while i was leaned on your chest, by now, i was dived in that world, from where i wouldnt have be never awaken, have whispered me ‘Tell me your story’.
micheal638x425This your demand, made me feel a little embarassed. ‘From where can i start?’
I placed myself in front of you, face to face. I have started, while you was looking at me sweetly, and sweetly you was smiling me. While i have took a deep breath, you have had took my hand and you have placed it on your legs, holding it in yours.
‘Maybe, as you have noticed in the bar, i’m a solitary girl. I love much to observe the human being, and learning from it, from what i see, from what i listen to. Then i collect all this and i begin to write what i feel. But from when i’ve known…’
In that moment i’ve stopped myself and i’ve blushed, and i’ve turned my looks to another part, while i was feeling your hands hold tight mine. You have continued what which i wanted say. ‘From when you have known «Him»…something has changed, isnt?’
I was dying inside, i wanted escape. I wanted run away faster than ever, but you was there, by my side, and our fingers were crossed. You have stared at me for a little bit, then you have said me ‘It’s ok, if you dont want, maybe i didnt have must demanded you this.’ I was diving in your eyes. ‘It’s just that…’ This my phrase was remained sospended in the air, till you have asked me ‘Where does come from your love for the our stones in common?’. We were looked at us deeply, while i didnt realize that i was approaching to you, placing slowly, my hand on your chest.
‘I’ve started to studied them long time ago…’ and i’ve told you that since i was a child i had some perceptions that in the future they would became true and that i was always affascinated by the magic, and that i’ve ever thought that the «stones», were really magic. Each time i’ve made the reading, they said me the truth.”


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