“We were

camiciabianca_forteEmbrace one to another. I was caressing your chest, while you was whispering sweetest words that i have ever heard. I was transportated by your words in an world never seen before. It was so wonderful.
While i was caressing sweetly your chest trough your shirt, you have take my arm, and you have started to caress my bare skin.
I didnt ever have had many jewels, but those i had on, they had always a strong meaning to me. I have always worn bracelet and rings. While you was caressing my skin, you have had almost as jolt. No, you have had a real jolt!  I have understand, what was happening in that exact moment, but i have didnt say nothing. You have seen my bracelet. And you have seen that symbol i had on.
You would have want make a jump, but you didnt. However i knew what was happening. Gently, however, as if it was normal, you was sat yourself on the bord of the sofa, looking at me, stunned. You was looking at me, without ever left my hand. In that moment our glances were been illuminated more. You didnt have words, but you still stared at my bracelet with that symbol. Almost wavering, you have sit on the  little table in front, without take off your eyes from me. I have smiled you. We have sighed together. You have holded my hands stronger.
We did know what we were talking about, also without utter any words.
But just only at the end, after a long silence, full of something more, a whisper, in unison, has fly in the air.
We have looked at us, one in another, and right after, sweetly we were kissed us once again, almost overwhelmed us.”


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“You was ⇒

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