If i

uber109_forteStare at you, my heart goes crazy, because im feeling your closeness, here in this bedroom, in a such way we only knows us it. I must take a deep breath a close my eyes, also if it’s few, because what i’m feeling are your eyes on me and your sweet arms that embracing me. What i’m feeling  is your lips on my neck and your arms on my hips. We are in front. Without realizing, we entered in our parallel world, in the exact moment we have whispered our names at the same time. If i close my eyes again i can feel your scent around me. This time it’s a different one. It’s more delicate but always wraparound. I feel your hands on my hips, that hold me sweetly. That touch make me feel stunned. How is it possible, i’m still asking myself. Few hours ago, you was so far from me, and now, as if we was called us, we are in our parallel world so. Enchanted one to another. Enchated by our feelings, and our minds are in connection, and this strong sensantions we feeling it both. I’m that writing here, and you are waiting for to see, black on white, our emotions.



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