“In that

Moment the only thing we wanted to do was, relaxed ourselves on the sofa. Embraced. But none of us wanted make the first move. The atmosphere was still floating. Yes, sure, we were on the sofa, we sweetly, still looking at us, smiling, and sometimes nervously laughing.
What was happened few istants early, has been so suddenly, but also so magic and your sweetness filled my heart.
Slowly, you have lean your back on the sofa, while i was still on the bord of the sofa. I was looking at you stunned. But with a little gesture of your hand, you have invited me to relax next to you. That’s what i did. I was sit next to you. You have placed your arm over my shoulder, and without realizing, i have placed my head and my hand on your chest.
We were remain so, in silence for a little bit.
My eyes was looking at what was around us.
In front of us, there was a black wooden furniture, where there was your stereo and all your cds. There was also a record player.
But what that have impressed me, were been the little objects, to me so familar, on the  shelf over the stereo. I have smile maliciously.  I was looking at them, while i was hearing your heart beats.
‘What are you thinking?’ You have asked me, almost whispering, having fear to break the magic.  ‘To all of this… to what has happened… to you’. Was my sweet reply, While we were still embraced, and i stlil, sweetly, was caressing, your chest, trough the shirt you had on. While i was stare at these little magic objects.”



“We were ⇒

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