That moment of full madness, we have looked at eachother, one in another, without speak, at least for two minutes. We have, only, looked at us, one in another, but your hand, still sweetly was touching my face. And your face approached mine till to touch it. Face to face we smiled us, one to another, and your lips have touched one more my lips. In that moment, we have sighed simultaneuosly.
My heart exploded, and i have had fear that you could hear to it.
We still didnt have spoken, till you have clearing your deep voice, to break that moment of silence that it was lasting too much. ‘Oh, what a mess! Your poems, your diary, i collect it immediately.’ I was looking at you, while you was kneeling on the floor. But i have stopped you. ‘Leave it as well as, dont worry about it, it’s ok where it is now.’
You have had stand up and you have sit again close to me, looking at me sweetly. ‘Leave this atmosphere, dont change it’ i have continued. By now, your eyes were stared on me, and i’ve counted the seconds, to have you close to me, on that sofa.
‘I dont know what’s got into me.’ You was still founding an excuse. ‘The guy of your poems, if he only knows….’ . While you was saying this, my heart has stopped itself. I did believe to die. «That’s you…» It was what i wished say you, but i didnt. What i did, instead was only to look at you in all of your sweetness, while i was holding your hands.
What i really wanted, was that this moment doesnt have ever end. Your sweetness was the most tender thing, i ever have seen in a man.  And that’s made me falled in love still more with you.
You, that still didnt know that you was the guy of my poems.”


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