“That moment

billybluemoltiplica0039It seemed ever no end. It seemed we waited for it from when we have looked at us the first time in that noisy bar. Our lips  touched themselves sweetly. You have whispered my name.
Suddenly i’ve had as thud in my heart. You have said it so passionately, that i have felt so lost.  Lost in your arms. I would have be felt myself in this way, forever.
The diary, by now, was falls down on the floor with several sheets scattered on of it.
The kiss that we given us, have created an atmosphere, almost in suspension. However everything, it was.
When we have recomposed ourselves, we have felt something inside of us, that it has revolutioned us.
Your approaching way, my lasciviuos way. It was all perfect. Also my diary on the floor. The mess i really always wanted mixed up with all the passion that i always wished, it was in that moment, in those istants, it was there.
And i was living it with the guy i always loved, from the first i’ve seen him, when he was entering in that bar. “




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