Most likely

tangleforte0011What i feeling in this moment, you’re feeling the same too. It’s the same sensation i have felt in these days, and in the air i can feel your scent, it makes me drives me crazy. I can feel your scent, despite our distance. In these days my feeling are running as trains. And what i feeling is your embrace is more strong, and what im writing is becoming more easier, because in some ways, im sure our parallel world connecting us, one to another, and by now, this open diary is the only pathway that we can us run, to meet us at half, in the middle of our world. We feel us so close, one to another. By now my vise in stomach and my head are fighting a fight that they cant win. Tonight i dont need to close my eyes, but i must take the deep breath, because it’s necessary, with you, next to me, that you hold me tight my hips from behind, and i feel you face on my shoulder, looking at on what im writing. My feeling are so deep, and you know it, by now. Sometimes my fingers shaking on this keyboard. Sometimes my thoughts runs so fast that i cant reach them. And i stop myself, feeling you that whisper me and i feel your embrace so passionate, at that point, yes, that i must close my eyes and all what i feel it transform itself, in all we have felt one for another, and you turn me, and with the most sweet way, you look at me, and tenderly you approach yourself to kiss me. And in that kiss we dissapear.


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