“Looking” -○8○


At me, you got sit closer me.
Taking that glass in hand I was blushing more than usual.
I attempted to relax myself: I was look at around me each little things in that open space, while between us there was still a little bit of embarrassment.
Ours smiles were nervous. But more those smiles were nervous, more that thread of embarrass was fading.

Your glance didn’t wanted take off from me, while you was smiling me.
I was feeling no longer my lips: I was torturing them.
Your eyes were more beautiful, now that I could see them closer.
And that atmosphere that it was creating itself, it was almost surreal.

All this was broken, when you have taken my glass, and you have put it on the little table in front of the sofa, and you have indicated my diary that it was there.
I was looking at you, with a million of questions in head.
“I loved much what you have wrote”, you said me, almost whispering.
Then, you have continued: “The person of your poem… you must loves him much.”

I was about to die.
I realized to become red: I have look at down.
I wanted hide myself, but by now I could not: you was staring me.
You came closer to me.
Ours knees touched. I jolted.

While you have smiled me, I recognized that gentle glance, and all the embarrassment has gone.
“Yes… that person is special to me” I have reply you with a whisper.
There was a suffuse light and the little lights was turning on and turned off, around us.
You have continued to stare at me.

Finally I’ve felt comfortable myself.

Sometimes, your gaze was so immense that I could feel my heart explode.

There were been several moment silence in which you, delicately, have touched my hand, and I shy smiled you.

I was with the guy that i loved, and maybe this, you didn’t know it.

We were remained long without say nothing, we just stared my diary in front of us.
All in a sudden, you have asked me if you could open it, for read something else.
You given it to me, saying me: “Choose you, it for me”.
Me, with wide eyes open, I didn’t know what poem i could let make you read.
While I was choosing, all in a sudden, you took it placing it next to you, on the couch.
For a second we looked at us silently.
Then sweetly, you taken my face, and slowly, you have kissed me.

Without any resistance, I have left you make.”



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