If you

tangleforte37Think to make drives me crazy, slowly. You are succeeding. And dont look at me so. Because you know it better than anybody else what is happening. I’m biting my lips, me too, as you making too, wherever you are. We both  know, it’s from this afternoon, that i’ve found what i’ve found, i’m thinking to you, and our parallel world is around us, more stronger than ever. It makes feel us closer, one to another. I’ve felt your embrace when i was on tv. And it wasnt the usual sweet embrace. It was something more. I have closed my eyes and suddenly, i’ve felt your lips on my mouth and this time, your kiss was the most passionate, you ever given me. I have felt your lips, your passion, and despite our distance, i have felt you wanted something more, than a kiss. In those seconds, i have felt, you have embraced me tight, and i was melt myself in your arms. I would have been, if i could, for real in your arms, kissing you. But in someway, we have did it.
In those few istants, we have make love… in our parallel world. We given ourselves in a such way, that hardly we will forget. Your whispers still fly in the air. I can still feel them.


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