Always more

billy_forteI feel this path, to the end it will makes us to meet Today i felt your closeness in a such way that still scrambles myself. I’ve felt your embrace so sweet around me, and that you whispered words that i didnt ever heard. And if close my eyes for a little second, our parallel world opens its gates, and we enter in of it, from wherever we are. That’s enough take a deep breath and suddenly we are in front, one of another. Our need to touch us, is almost instastanueous, but we remain so, for realizing of what has happened. In front, one of another, slowly we approach us and kindly we touch our face. We dont say us nothing. That’s enough our glances and our hands on ours skin. We approach us again, that our faces touch. Each of us dive itself in the eyes of the other. Breathless and speechless, we remain so, till you dont touch my lips with yours, and your hands slide on my body, till to stop themselves, on my hips. My breath ends when yours begins. We still, look at us deeply. You try to say me something, but i feel you’re shaking. I shaking too. We are so distant, but, how is it possibile we both feel us close, one to another, till to shaking.


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