“You” -○7○


Stared at me, and I said: “Yes! What?”
You sweetly, have tranquillized me saying: “We are ready to enter”.

I understood, my thoughts were elongated themselves more than usual, and you was waiting for me.
“Excuse me I…” I said clearing my voice, you smiled taken my hand.

That evening, my feelings were explode for the millionth time.

You have opened another door, and: “Be careful to this little stair” you said with a whisper.
You have smiled while you said that, and you have taken me my hips for help me.
Suddenly the light were turned on, and what I have seen, it was a big open space with of a multitude of little Christmas lights that  were turning on and turning off, and a mezzanine, from where I could see a big bed with red sheets: were they made of satin? It seemed.
You was still tightening me while you have accompanied me next to the sofa.
“Rest yourself. Do you want something?” you said, while I was still looking at me around, surprised.
“Do you have mineral water?” I asked.
You smiled.
“Sure! I bring you it immediately.”
You went the kitchen, and from the fridge you taken two bottles, and from the table in front a glass.

You have sit next to me, handing me the glass first then, you have opened me the little bottle of water, pouring out it inside of it.
You have taken yourself a beer can.

“I’m so happy that you have come” you said me, looking at me, as only you could do.
Listening to these words, without realizing I became all red.
“Don’t blush! That’s true” smiling me once again.”


⇐While” -○6○

“Looking”○8○ ⇒

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