redcarpert_blue043forteIs a normal day when i feel your closeness, despite our distance. I can close my eyes and you’re here, by my side. that you embrace me and smiling me. When i see you, all my thoughts go to die in your eyes, and your hands collect them, touching me. All this drives me crazy. If i have also a little certainty that what i feeling in this moment is the same you feel, i could turn myself and i could find you in front of me and our parallel world is a real thing. I can feel your arms around me, while you turn me so gently. I can feel your hand, and your eyes dont take off from me. In front, one of another, my heart is exploding. You bring my hand to your chest, you looking at me deeply. My heart seems stops itself. Our eyes, one in another, seems push out millions of words not spoken. Without realizing, slowly i stretch my hand to your face. You let me do it. In that moment, something expand itself, and inside of us, born our bewarness of how we are ¬†close, despite we are so far. In our heart that node, that we feel everytime, it tightens always more. And that’s our parallel world, that it says us, it miss so little to touch us one to another. I feel it and you feel it too. We both feel it.


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