“While” – ○6○

mikemccluskie02_forteWe walked out from the bar, you looked at me, and maybe, you have thought: “I will have done the right thing?” or something similar like that.

This, i will never know, but that what it jumped me in mind.

Slowly we we arrived in front of a rusty gate.
It wasn’t the place I imagined in which you have would bring me, but instead it was what you said me, when we arrived.
I didn’t care by now.

You said me to wait, while you was opening it.

What i felt inside me was a big sensation: a mix up of excitement, surprise, and above all sweetness.
In those seconds of wait, I was realizing all what was happened that evening: my fall, you who has helped me, you, who wanted stay with me, you who was assuring yourself I was ok, and above all, you who asked me to go away together.

I remained breathless because above all, you didn’t thought, at all, to my physical condition.
You was so careful, while we walked, and occasionally, you was ask me if i was tired.
I was looking at you, lost in my thoughts.

I didn’t have realized that the gate was open.

You have waiting for that i wake up myself from that limbo in which i was fallen.
You was staring me.
You was surprising yourself how many beauty you was seeing in those instants, inside my eyes.

You would have told me that later.”


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