“While (6th part)

mikemccluskie02_forteWe walked out from the bar, you have had look at me, and maybe you have thought something similar like ‘I will have done the right thing?’ This, i will never know. But that’s i have, thought.
Hands in hands and slowly we we arrived in front of a gate all rusty.  It wasnt the place i imagined in which he would be bring me, but instead it was which he said me. But by now, i didnt care. He said me to wait, while he was opening that gate. What i felt, inside was a big sensation. A mix up of excitement, surprise, and above all sweetness. In that seconds of wait, i did realized all what has happened that night. My fall, he has helped me, he has wanted stay with me, and above all, he asked me to go away with him. I was remain breathless, and above all, he didnt thought, at all, to my physical condition. On the contrary, he has been so careful to me, while we walked, ocasionally, he asked me if i was tired. I was looking at him. I didnt realized that the gate has been open, he was looking at me, waiting that i wake up myself from all these thought. He was looking at me, and he has wonder himself of how many beauty he’ve seen in these istants, in my eyes.
He would have told me that more late.”



“You (7th part) ⇒

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