“For” -○5○


A moment, after you have placed the sheet in the diary, our eyes met.The buzz of the bar became more muffled, and the music slowly, was fading, but it was just our imagination. Our mental state.

The music was high.
We were in an altered state, as if we were drunk, But we weren’t.
Yes, we have ordered some beers, but, not even, we didn’t drink.
We were at in that table, one close another, but we were, as if we were transported in other place.
Our hands sweetly touching. We were speechless, as inside enchantment, and maybe we were inside of it, for real.

Suddenly you asked me if i wanted to leave that noisy bar, and looking for a more peaceful place.

“I would like stay with you in a calm place more than this one” you have said me. I would had to leave my safe place.
I didn’t know what to say you.
“I know a better place.” you said.
Without realizing, I nodded.
You was getting up.
You would have help me once again to exceed that local.You have taken my diary, and you helped to get up.
Slowly, we have had trough the room with all those the eyes set on.

My heart was beating strong, while we have left it.

The whispers of the others people resounded in the bar.”


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