bs141_forteI arrive here, there is always, something makes me smile and my thoughts are towards to you, more than usual. And now what i feeling is simply amplified. I have felt you close to me already from before, when i was in tv. But now i feel your closeness making itself more bigger. I close my eyes and i can feel your embrace getting sweetly more strong. My head is get connecting with yours. my stomach is fighting. And kaboom! We are entering in our parallel world. We, in front, one to another. You are looking at me,  and smiling me. And i dont know what to do. Slowly you approach me, and start to caress my face. All around us seems marvellous. We dont take off our eyes one from another. And despite our distance we are here close one to another. I can feel your hands, trough my t-shirt, and it thrills me so, to remain breathless. Slowly you place your hands on my hips. You want me lift in the air, then, you want make me slide on your body. This your little game, makes me feel the most beloved girl in the world, despite my physical problems. When start to make me slide on your body, my heart begins to explodes inside. Face to face, we kiss us sweetly. We dont stops to kiss us, while you kindly, lays me on the floor. And there, for real,  we feel us close, one to another, in a such way that we cant imagine.


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