I need

glance033forteTo close my eyes and take my usual deep breath, cuz as a punch in my stomach i’ve began to feel your closeness so suddenly. All day i didnt feel you and now as if i was dive in another dimension, i have began to feel your closeness in a such way that i felt lost myself. And just look at you, i feel myself again in a world that belong only to us. Our parallel world is so magic. I close my eyes and suddenly your arms embrace me sweetly. For a second we remain so. We dont move us. We can feel only our skin touch. I must to take again a deep breath. Despite our distance, you’re here by my side, you dont take me off your eyes to me. My emotions are exploding as little time bombs. I writing so fast, cuz my emotions run fast, and my head and the stomach has feelings tangle inside. My fingers sometimes, shakes themselves on this keyboard. I have on our music, but i cant following it. My emotions run faster. Your closeness is tangible. Something bigger than us getting connect us, one in another, and inside of our parallel world, we both can feel it, without still realizing, that what we feel it’s a real feeling.


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