By now (6th open letter to Luke)

mtc033chiariThe only person with whom i can open myself freely that’s you. How many times i’ve told you… many. And also if you dont will read what i wrote, i will continue to. I feel you so close to me that i cant explain what and how i feel this sensations. I feel complete myself, by now, when i  start to write in this open diary. And also if we dont know us eachother, i feel something link us. I still think how all this has began. I asking myself too many questions, and i dont still looking for a valid answer. How many times i told you since i was a child i had some kind of perceptions and that till now they have been dormant. But with you, they have  been awake up again and multiply. The only answer i can give myself is that you have the same mine perceptions since you was a child and in some way, we have been put in touch trough that dream i have made, by now 8 month ago. In that period has began our connection. When i feel these feelings, your closeness is more strong. And what i write to you is just fruit of which i feel. Sometime i feel you, often close to me. And other times i feel you far from me, as if you was busy. But generally, by now, i feel you as if you was by my side and that’s make feel good, above all alive. You make feel alive, and in some way considered by some one (in this case, you). How can i say it? I feel it inside of me. And that’s it does count. I feel it.  And in some way, you know it too. I really dont know if ever you will read this or the other thoughts in this open diary, but i can confess you, when i’ve started to write here, i never imagined to reach these kind of closing with someone. But that’s someone that’s you and what you make feel, simply, i love it and i want whisper you another ‘Thank you’.


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