Slowly [3rd part]

mikemccluskie_esclusione“You have stand up yourself. I was look at you, asking myself many things. While our glance didnt take off  one from another. We were captured by something magic. You was came where i was sit and with an infinite sweetness, you have asked me ‘Can i sit by your side?’ You have smiled me in your own way, that i have felt myself melt. Without say nothing, i have shifted myself a little bit.
That table was only an obstacle, by now. And now, we have need to stay close. Thou, we were still in that phase in which you say to yourself ‘ I could but…’.
Slowly, as if you have fear to scare me, you have sit next to me.
Nobody, before than you, have had sit at that table with me. You have started to look at me so deeply, that without realizing, i’ve became all red. My heart has began to beat as a train. My own fear, was you could hear it. But we were so hypnotized by ourselves that each thing, out of our feelings, it was unnecessary.
With your deep voice, you have asked me ‘Can i read something that you have wrote’, looking at my diary, but above all that sheets that you have collected from the floor. I was choosing something, but you have stopped me, taking gently my hand. You have indicated that poem. In that moment i’ve thought to explode. But how i could resist to your eyes,  your glance on me.
I’ve gave you that sheets, while my in my head million of thought ran. But, by now, your hand have take it and in few moments your eyes would have read what i’ve wrote. I was exploding. A rapid glance to me, a shy smile then your eyes on what i have wrote about you.


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