“Slowly” -○3○

mikemccluskie_esclusioneYou got up: I was look at you, asking myself many things, While our glance didn’t take off one from another.

We captured by something magic.
You placed standing next where I was sit, and with an infinite sweetness, you have asked me :”Can I sit by your side?”

You have smiled me: I have felt myself melt.

Without say nothing, I have shifted myself a little bit.

By now, that table was only an obstacle, and we had to need stay close one another.
We were in that phase in which you say to yourself “I could but…”

As if you have fear to scare me, you, slowly, have sat next to me.

Nobody, before than you, had ever done it.

You have started to look at me so deeply, that without realizing, I became all red.

My heart began to beat as a crazy: my fear, it was you could hear it.  
We were enchanted by one another, that each thing, outside our feelings it was superfluous.

With your deep voice, you asked: “Can I read something that you have wrote”, looking at my diary, but above all that sheets that you had collected from the floor.

I was choosing something, but you have stopped me, taking gently my hand.

You have indicated “that poem”.
In that instant, I thought to die: but how could I have resist your eyes, your glance set on me?

I gave you that piece of paper, while still in my head million of thoughts ran as crazies, but, by now, your hand had taken it and in few seconds, you would have read my poem. I was literally dying.

 Your quick glance toward me.

A shy smile, then your eyes on that piece of paper, and in few seconds, you would have read what I had written.


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