….In love

jakenowakoski0019_lumascuriHere in this silence room, what i feel is your closeness stronger than ever.
Since i woke myself i’ve felt you, by my side, and what i’ve seen after it was beautiful. Maybe that wasnt you, but something told me, that was you, and few times i’ve wrong.
And my vise in stomach get connect with my exploding head.
I dont need to close my eyes, but i do. Because i need to feel your closeness more closer. And what i feel is our parallel world get connect us, one of another, despite our distance, our real distance.
What i feel in this moment is your sweet embrace, from behind with you sweetest whisper ‘I will be always with you, in our world we exist only us’.
While you say me this, your lips touch my neck many times. You make me drive crazy.
Slowly you turn me. And in front one of another, we dive ourselves in our glance. Both, we touch our face so sweet. In this atmosphere so magic, our lights begins to floating around us. And we dont take off our eyes, one from another. Slowly, you approach me, and you lips touches mine, sweetly, that our senses makes us feel so in love, one for another.


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