I can

austin_sommai7Close my eyes and i can feel you start to wake up yourself, and in some way, your thoughts were been toward to me. My head and my stomach are going crazy and our connection is begin. What i feel in these moments is a twirl of emotions that around us, despite our distance. Our parallel world is inside of us and we both of us we feel it. I close my eyes and i feel your embrace, your sweet embrace. When you turn me, your glance looks at me and our bodies touch. My hand place itself on your chest and with all your sweetness you place yours on mine and you have whispered me ‘Do you feel my heart?’. It beats so fast. We didnt take off our look, one from another. Just few second and my eyes placed on you t-shirt. You slowly, have take my hand, and you have slide it inside. I have look at you, breathless. Right after, you have take my face in your hand, and you have whispered me ‘How much i wanted you.’ Slowly, you have approached yourself to my lips and kindly you have kissed me passionately.


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