“We are meeting” – ○2○


In these hours we meet.

Our connection has become stronger.

I need to close the eyes, and I have to take a deep breath, and in these little rituals I can feel you closer to me, and  I’m going crazy.

Our parallel world is around us and we are in front of each other.
You look at me so deeply with your gaze that it leave me breathless.
We are sit at that table I described in my last post.
In someway, my little voice has say me, you have read something I wrote yesterday. My soft punch in the stomach is strong, and my head is exploding and our connection has became strong when I came here, in bedroom.

As in my last post, you are sitting across from me at this table:

“You looked at me, without saying anything, you just looked at me. I was looking down, blushing a lot.
This was our first real meeting. We smiled, as we usually did, but this time we were facing each other.
You was staring me.
The other people have continued to look at us, as if we were strangers.

Those moments seemed to have ever no end.

We both were embarrassed, but at the end, you kindly asked me: “What do you write, in your diary”’.
It was in the center of the table.
I shyly taken it and I dragged it toward me it to me, as if it was the only precious thing I had: it was.
Somehow, you had took a glimpse at one of my most precious thing and, without realizing, you had take a look at a poem that I wrote about you.
Clearing me the voice, I sighed: “What I write? What I feel, my thoughts, poems… “
In those moments something inexplicable has changed inside us: in your gaze, in me.

The diary was always there, in the center of the table.

The noises of the bar slowly, were disappearing, and something magical was happening surround us.
You haven’t take my eyes off, and your hand was gently approaching mine, but we didn’t touch.

Suddenly, as if overwhelmed by something bigger than you, you asked me: “Why didn’t we didn’t presented each other earlier? I’ve always noticed you, all alone: I saw you writing. Always here, at this table. “I smiled at you, and shyly I answered you in a whisper, as I usually did, when I was in total embarrassment:“Maybe tonight you looked at me with different eyes. The other times You was always with your friends.Tonight you came alone. You helped me to get up, you was about to leaving me, but something has stopped you …”

And without letting me finish the phrase:”Your eyes … your gaze …. you have beautiful eyes.”

Finally, your hand, gently, has touched mine, and in that instant our hearts were exploded at the same moment.

Something it was born.”


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