Since i (5th open letter to Luke)

lastsmileforte0011Woke up myself, that i feel you close to me, in a way, almost disconcerting.  You was here by my side all time. My thoughts has been towarded to you. I have tried to concentrated on another things, but my mind has always returned to you. And now that we are in front, my emotions can explodes. By now, what i feel you know it, and i know, when our glance meet eachother, our parallel world is here. My heart beating as a train from before. If i close my eyes i can feel your sweet touch around me. I can feel our sensantions floating around us, and slowly we get connect. In front one of another, i stare at you eyes. With your shy smile you make me feel one of the biggest emotion i have ever felt in my life. As i’ve told you many times, i cant collect all my emotions, when i’m with you, here alone. But what which i can say you it’s that you’re the only person with whom i can open myself, with no shame, and you’re the only person i really need in this period of my life that it lasting, by now, from 8 months. What i’ve felt in these months and it’s still lasting, it would be so hard to explain it to other people. When i arrive, here at this pc, in this open diary, as if i was for real, in front of you, and i begin to let my real feelings  free, hoping one day, you may read what i feel, what i dream and what i would like to whisper you, staring at you, maybe one in front of another, maybe while you caress my skin, while you embrace me, while we dont take off our glance one from another. Maybe while, face to face, you let me touch your neo. Maybe while we approaching us to kiss us endlessly.


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