What which

boogaloo_forte0041-1I need now, is your glance on me. Today your hands have caressed my skin in a way you only can did. I was breathless and i’ve feel your embrace so soft that i’ve thought to drive crazy literally. Your hands on my bare skin. I have feel them, and i have felt you close to me in a way that i never felt before. Our parallel world wanted us united. I have felt it and i have felt you have felt too. As now. If i close my eyes, i feel your embrace from behind and our bodies touch, chest to back.  I feel your hands slide in my t-shirt to still touch softly my skin. You leave me without the breath. I close my eyes once again, Without realizing, sweetly you turn me and suddenly we are in front one of another and your eyes are into mine. You look at me without say nothing, but i know what that glance wants to say. Slowly we approach, till our t-shirt rustles. We dont take off our eyes, one from another. My breath get faster and faster that it seems stops. Your hands sweetly and softly touching my face. I must to take a deep breath, while my mind begins to drive crazy, for your touches. Your eyes are always stare at me. I’m at the mercy of the feelings you making me feel. Your hands in and out of my t-shirt. Our feelings are the same. I caress your skin, your face. My fingers arrives to your neo, and there, our feeling for eachother, one for another, going crazy. For a little of time, we look at us one of another, without move us. Then, as if we push us to one to another, our lips touch but only after few sweet touch, we kiss us in a endless kiss, and like in an emotion’s twirl, we dissapear in of it.



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