Those 10 minutes

instalukeforte0039Before that, i have checked your favorite social, you have post this one. You left me without words. I have thought you all time from this night, and you what do make me? You post this. I feel something it bond us so strong. I really dont know what is for real, but if it was our parallel world, i think it’s a something of marvellous. I really love what it makes us feel one from another, also if i really dont know if you feel the same i feel right now. I whisper you always a soft ‘Thank you’. What i feel when our parallel world get connect us, is just a wonderful thing, that goes beyond the normal feeling. I know, you’re sleeping, but in some ways i feeling your embrace… and that your shirt so, turn on all my desires, and you know which are. I slowly sigh, looking at you, and you know, how you make me feel happy but above all ALIVE. And you know, in this period how much i need to feel me in this conditions. I place my hand into your shirt, whispering you ‘I love you’, and you know which is my kind of love for you. I love you from the head to the stomach. A kind of love that goes beyond of the real defination of the love.


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