I here, you there

lukemoltiplica0044But our connection get us closer, and now i must to close my eyes, to feel your embrace and we enter in our parallel world so, while our feelings transforms themselves in our floating lights. That’s enough to look at up to the sky and whisper our names and all around us disappears, while i close my eyes for a second your hands hold my hips from behind. I keep my eyes closed, while i feel you turn in front of me. You  sweetly take my hand, you hold it. I feel your hips, then your chest. You’re in front of me. ‘Look at me’ you whisper me. Slowly i open  my eyes. Already, you are looking at me deeply. That glance that makes me drives crazy. My heart begin runs. My thoughts turn round and they wont stops. My head and my stomach exploding at the same time. Now our connection is strong. We both feel something. I here, and you there on other side of the planet. What we feel are two t-shirt touching. I feel your hands hold tight my hips. Sweetly you hold me more tight, and you lift me over you. I feel your strenght. You leave me breathless. In that istant i can feel what is your desire. While, slowly, you make me slide on your body, my heart stops and i feel our connectiong is going beyond. Face to face, our parallel world says us how close we are. We both feel it. We feel us, one of another, in a such way that we are speechless. We dont take off our eyes one from another, without say nothing. To talk it would be too much. I feel you here, by my side and you feel me next to you.  We are looking at us, one in another, touching us sweetly, so. This our connection.


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