Now i only need

default157_f_contrario_sscuriOf your eyes, of your glance and the certainty that you feel our connection has begins when i was in front of television. I have felt you, as if you whispered my name, and our parallel world explods inside of us. And now what i really need now is to explode with you. What i seen before it made me feel your closeness more than ever. Yes, im sure that was you. i feel it. My head and stomach are going crazy, and i feel you close to me. In some ways, you have whispered my name, cause what i feel right now is strong that what i writing is so easy, and by now, our connection, aint no need to be explained. It does exsist, stop. I feel you and what i really need is only you. And you know it. We only know it only us,  the way to feel us close one of another. I must close my eyes and you must to take a deep breath and suddenly, we are in front, in this world, our world, and despite we are so distant, we feel us more close that we cannot imagine. I need of your arms, of your embrace and you give me it. I need of your breath and i feel it in the air. I need of your eyes, and you dont take off  your eyes from me. Our parallel world is so. I look at up to you, and i feel your hand take my face, while you approach to me. Softly you start to caress my skin. I blush myself. Breathless i take your hand for little seconds, it doesnt move. It remain so. My heart beats like a train. I place the other hand on your chest. You look at me deeply. I believe to drive crazy, while you make slide my hand in your shirt. In your look our floating lights, exploding. Our connection is strong in this moment. I feel it, you feel it too. We are so close despite our real distance. We try to say us something, but we dont find the right words. We look at us, one of another, in silence. Our deepest feelings melting, while we are slowly, approaching one of another, always more. Our heart exploding. I feel you close to me more than ever.
You still dont know me, or by now, do you?


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