How much

marloweforte053I would like to embrace you, at least once time, and not the contrary. Your embrace that i still continue to feel, from three day consecutively. Your embrace so sweet so permanent. We are in connection, in such way, that in some ways it’s like as if you are here by my side. I feel your heart ┬ábeat so fast. Mine does the same, here, on other side of the planet. I feel you are feel my thoughts are towards to you. And in some ways, also there, where you are now, my name has jumped out. I know it and you know it too. Our parallel world makes us feel closer, more than we could imagine. And what i feel in this moment, it’s something that it goes beyond other reasonable doubt. Something unites us so in a thin, but so deep form. What we feel in our stomach and in our head, is only our connection. That’s enough that one of us, whispers the name of the other and suddenly, we are scrambled by millions of feelings that, we still dont cant explain, but it’s so. Since seven months, we have unconditionally, this connection, a strong connection that bond us, one of another, and we cant do nothing, just accept it and living it so. I, here and you on other side of the planet.


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