Here we are

marloweforte00340So far, but so close. Close your eyes and our parallel world is here. I take your hand and slowly we enter in. My heart beat so fast. I can feel your flow coming to me. My head exploding, my vise getting more stronger than ever. My thought are toward to you, and in these hours i can feel your little excitement. I’m excited too. You are embracing me so tight. It’s from two days i feel you so close to me in a persistent way. And now that i can look at you so, our connection makes us feel closer than ever. I feel you here always more. You would like remain so, embracing me, as if you dont want let me escape, i feel it. We feel it. We feel us eachother. My thoughts are your thoughts, and they are many. If we think of us, they do not stop. We close our eyes and take a deep breath to calm us, for a second, but when we open again, our hearts and our minds get begin to runs again as trains. That’s enough our touch, to restabilize our interior calm. We are in front, one of another, in our parallel world. I place my hand on your chest, closing a little my eyes, while i realize you put your hand on my face, and slowly, you approach you face to mine. Face to face, eyes in eyes, you whisper me ‘I’ll know, you’ll be by my side’. While you make me one of your most sweet smile. And slowly, sweetly you lays your lips on mine. I drive crazy. I feel your lips, your hands, your look on me. My heart doesnt wants calm ┬áitself.


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