These moments

Of real connection, has something of incredible. You have something to say me, and i cant say that i dont feel it. I shake my head and i take a deep breath. I still feel your embrace, and my vise in stomach getting always more stronger. Our parallel world is present and we slowly enter. You dont take off  your eyes on me. I feel them, despite our distance, and my heart runs as a train. I must close the eyes, to dont remain breathless. When i open them again, you are in front, and slowly place my hand on your bare chest. You make me slide my hand in your shirt, and our game turns on our desire. We remain so, in silence, without say nothing, but what we feel is floating around us. What we see in our eyes is an explosion of moltitude of little spasms of emotions inside of us, and each of every of these, makes us approach, one close to another. These little emotions makes us explode. We look at us deeply. Breathless, we approach our hands to our bodies. Your hands on my hips and my hand on your chest, by now, bare. Our lights floating, i remain breathless when your lips touches mine, while your hands hold my hips tight. Our bodies, by now,  are touching one to another, and what we wants is something more.


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