I have felt

luke00111_forteYour embrace so sweet for all day. You also sweetly kissed me. My vise in my stomach was strong and my head exploded. And now, that im alone in my bedroom i feel your closeness more stronger. I feel your hands touch on my skin trought the t-shirt i have on, and i must close the eyes for to dont drive crazy. By now yesteday, i have felt you by my side in a kindly way, but also in this moment our connection is on. Our parallel world around us, despite our distance. What we feeling is something it goes beyond. What we feel is in our looks, despite we dont know us, in the real life, here in our parallel world, it seems we know us from always. We need also to dont say nothing and we understand us immediately. Just what i really would like is only touch your lips with mine in a soft endless kiss, saying you how you’ve entered in me, creating with me this wonderful parallel world, where also a just look of us, could collect in a only breath, each our emotion and feeling. That’s what i feeling righ now, when you embrace me, kissing me so sweetly.



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