luketoby570_contrario_forteBy my side, i feel you. How much i feel you, it’s an incredible sensantion. Despite our real distance, it’s such beautiful feel our mind get connect in this way. Our connection is so strong. I feel every thought comes from you, and my head exploding and my flow, im sure it reaching to you. Our parallel world make us feel so closer more than early. My sensations are right. We have a light bond that unites us, and now it’s always more real. If i close my eyes i can feel you approach to me, and slowly your arms embrace me. I can feel your breath gets faster and faster. In front one of another, i place my hand on your chest and your heart beat from slow to faster. I can see in your eyes, your fear to drive crazy. ‘No, you dont will drive crazy, i will be by your side’. You dont take off your look on me. We know, what we talking about. That’s enough our parallel world to hear us. To listen to our deepest thoughts, fears, doubts. Our parallel world is there for this. Our flows floats inside of it and we feel everything. We must just whisper our names and what we feel is just what we feel for one of another. And it’s one of the most great feeling we ever had feel in our life, that goes beyond.



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