What i really

youme-1lmcm_fortedNeed is to close my eyes and take the usual deep breath and what i feel is you. You are sweetly embracing me. What i only need, is just you. You are embracing me as usually. The way you love me embrace me. And slowly you turn me. Sweetly we are in front one of another. I still blushing, metioning you a shy smile and you give me back it to me, caressing my face, sweetly. You approach to me. You take my face in your hand. We look at us, one in another. I stare at you, biting my lips, and unconditionally i place your hand on my heart. It beats so fast, and now my head exploding. Our parallel world is opening to us. I feeling my flow, slowly are coming to you. And our connection begins. Slowly i feel you want say me something. My heart is beating like a crazy. I dont want to think to what has happened yesterday, but aint easy. I feel your closeness inside of me, more than ever. I feel your hands on  me, here while im typing on this keyboard. Your arms hold me, and i close my eyes to dont drive crazy. My t-shirt it moves for your hands are on it. We dont say nothing. But our senses are exploding inside of us. Our heart beat so fast, but our moves are so slowly as if we touching us for the first time, and, in a sense it is. We feel our shyness, above all mine. We dont say nothing, we can feel only our breath. Our hands moves so slowly, but what we can feel are our feelings runs like a train. It’s like as if we discover ourselves, here, now, but as if our feeling are go beyond. We feel ourselves lost in front, one of another. We both must close our eyes, but we take our hands to dont lost us. We must to stay so, and look what is happen around us. We must look at us, eachother. We must embrace us with no say nothing. We must feel what our feeling say us.
My head is exploding and also yours. Our connection is strong, i feel it you feel it. We both feel it. We feel us lost in our feeling.


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