That’s enough

lukerudy_moltiplica-1To close the eyes just for a second to collect each feeling i have felt in these hours, when i have felt you close to me, and our parallel world presents itself in front of me with you inside. You have waited for me. Turning me around, you whisper me ‘Close your eyes’. While i do what you have asked, i take a deep breath. With the eyes closed, i feel your sweet embrace. You are embracing me from behind. How do you like embrace me so. I love it alot. This embrace collect all your emotions, feelings and i can feeling them, in your hold. It thrills me. I feel your breath on my neck and your touch of your lips. This our slowly approach, opens the door to our parallel world while you turn me and in front, one of another, our flows get connect us one of another. Despite our distance in our world we are as we wish to be, close to one of another, and we smiling us one to another. We feeling it, and some ways we cant hold back what we feel one for another. You approach me, stretching your hand on my face, looking at me deeply with your glance. I only can dive myself in of it, and withoiut realizing i place my hand on your face, caressing your skin, till to reach your neo. There, you stops me. You take my hand and slowly begin to kiss it, without take off your eyes on me. Your look, hypnotize me and i start to blush. My head explodes and you see what i really desire, without say nothing. Slowly you approach me closer, and your hands placing on my hips. My hands on your chest, and slowly you lays me on the bed, and for magic, a light white veil is materialized around us, while you are making  me feel the only girl you have ever loved really.


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