When i need

lukedefault00274forteTo feel you close to me you are always here, by my side. It enough i close my eyes and you’re next to me.  As this afternoon, but if i close my eyes and i take a deep breath, i can feel you here. You are here in my mind and it just enough a little, our sensations expand, in our parallel world that we feel already in front one of another. I stare your shirt, and slowly i slide my hands inside of it and for a second, you hold my hand, looking at me deeply, whispering your desires, placing sweetly your hands on my hips. I close my eyes remaining breathless. While i open them again, i make falls down the shirt over your arms, looking at your wonderful glance. Your shirt slowly falls down but instead on the floor, it begins to float around us. It seems wants unite us more than ever. It does succeeds. Our bodies touch eachother, and like of enchantment, our minds, our souls, but above all, our bodies melting. I feeling you slowly and sweetly enter in me, while all around us disappear, we disappering too, making love.


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