I say

Luke.urora4.jpgBy now, the coincidence aint no more coincidence. And when feel my vise in stomach get stronger and stronger and i feel you so close to me, it’s our parallel world wants say us something more. When i see again that visualisation, while i seen you around on your favorite social, i made me myself a lot of questions but surely they werent important. It was important though, how i’ve felt you close to me. And how i feel you by my side, right now. When i was in the pool, it was like as if you was really by my side and you have hold me tight, as if you wouldnt want let me going away from you. I have felt your closeness much to close my eyes and i have take deep breath several times.
As now, if i close the eyes i can feel your hands on me. Your soft hands, but above all i can feel your eyes on me, and my head is exploding, as my flows that are coming to you and our connection begins. Despite we are far, one from another, we feel close. I feel your hands travel trought my body, and they stop on my chest trought this soft t-shirt i have on, and i feel your touch so gentle. ‘Close your eyes’, you whisper me. With all your lightness, slowly you lift me in the air, while you smiling me, you make slide me on your body. Im all yours. And that’s i like it. Our minds in connection and our feelings out of control. We close our eyes and we are together, despite our real distance.


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