My emotions

joe_forteAre growing up, when in some ways we get connect, one of another. I close my eyes and i feel your hands catch me, i feel your sweetness trought this t-shirt i have on. I feel your hands caressing gently my body, till to stop on my hips. Gently, you turn me, and finally we are in front, one of another. When we look at us one in another, our parallel world explodes, and my feeling amplyfied trought my all my body. My head starts to round. My vise in stomach grow up fast. And i know you are feeling the same, on the other side of the planet. We are get connecting ourselves. Slowly we entering in our parallel world. Our feelings driving us crazy. I feel your hands on me, and i feel your eyes on me. That look. I close my eyes and i take a deep breath, and i feel that emotion you make me feel, and also if we are far one from another, it’s like if we are close. I feel your scent around me, and this make me drive crazy. I feel it and i feel it when you’re embracing me tight. This emotion, mixin up with the others, make me, almost to faint, because, something it says me, this connection i having with you, aint only fruit of my imagination, it’s something that is becoming something more than of a dream. My head is exploding, and my flows are coming to you. In some ways i feel that you’re feeling something inside of you. Something of inexplicable. Our parallel world is really close. We both are feeling it. It enough to look at up to the sky and to whisper our names at the same time. Im looking at you, slowly, im whispering it, adding ‘I want to stay with you’.


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