If only (A real Open Letter to Luke)

winnerslosers_forted You would understand what you make me feel, when i feel you here close to me, you would understand me, completly, and maybe i would understand what you feel when we get connect. Yes, i know, often i repeat myself, but when my vise in stomach get grow up, it isnt impossible to dont think of you. This sensantions is born, by now, from seven month, and by now, i know there is something among us, for sure unconditionally, but it’s strongly present. I never felt something like this, before. I don’t even call it love, because it’s beyond. I know it, you know it. We both know it. When we link us one of another, is an inexplicable thing. What it made me feel strongly link to you, it was that dream on you that i did, where you have tell me that thing, that i checked immediately after and i’ve kept for me  for months. Sometimes our parallel world, still overwhelm me, and i cant hold back tears. During this period, our connection, our parallel world is grow up with us. Together to our emotions, our feelings. I still surprise myself, when i feel when you try to say something and few days after, you leave you message on twitter. Ok, it’s true, as i’ve told you, since when i was a child, i could felt things that they would be come true, and that’s a fact. But with you! I never have imagined this stuff. 
When my head explodes, what which i feel is your closeness so strong, and the only thing i can do is take a deep breath and i must close my eyes, for dont drive crazy. When i feel your embrace, is the only thing i desire and i feel our parallel world get connect us, and im sure you feeling something like what i feel.  I know you, by now, from 6 years, and i ask myself ‘How is it possible all that is born only from seven month?’ Something has made click between us. I asking myself what? I’ve confessed you all my deepest thoughts, dreams, desires. I’ve sent you mails few times, maybe you have read them. You have start to know me. Maybe those incursions from Australia in this period and in the others, you are really, and you reading what i write you, and from this open diary, you have begins to know me a little more, and that sensibility you have, it was expanded and our connection is born trough what i wrote you in this open diary and from trough what i let you know.


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