I start to write you, our parallel world open its gates, and i see you already there. I approach you. While, i come to you, slowly, i close my eyes. I feel your scent in the air. In front of you, i whisper you ‘Look at me’. Your eyes are towards me, and in that exact moment, something in our hearts, in our souls, exploding. We are in front, one of another. We dont take off our eyes, one from another. Our scent mixing up. I feel yours and you feel mine. We are so close, that almost our bodies touches eachother. I place my hand on your chest, and what i feel is the softness of your shirt. I must take a deep breath to dont remain breathless. While i do that, you make slide my hand in your shirt, and you make me feel your other hand that slide on my hip. ‘You make me drive crazy’ i whisper. You look at me, caressing my face. And another whisper answers. ‘I know it’. A moment in silence. It seems an eternity. And in that eternity it seems, as if  we collect our emotions, that we have felt till now. We look at us, one in another, as if we in front for the first time. As if we are surprised by what we feeling for one for another. Our hands explore our skin. As if that shirt falls down from your shoulders to stay over your arms for the first time. We look at us, as if we are surprised on what is happening among us, while our hearts beat faster than ever. The only thing we can do, is let guide our feelings freely. I let your shirt, to falls down on the floor. While i do that, you slowly close your eyes. When you have your eyes close, i slowly approach to you. You dont realizing that, sweetly i have begin to kiss you in a way you never rembembered.



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