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Today that i feel you close to me in a such way that make me drive crazy. I feel you that you whisper my name as if you scream it. My head has exploded since when i woke myself, and my vise is still get stronger and stronger. I have felt you every hours of the day. You have call my name, or just you have thought of me, and i felt it. Despite our real distance, you was by my side, whispering my name as a magical formula. And now, that im in front of this pc, you feel me more close to you. Our connect, is strong, we both feel it. You have need to look at in my eyes. I have felt it, as i feel it now. Im writing in this¬†diary, and you feel me as i feel you inside of me. Slowly all around us, is disappearing, letting place to our parallel world. I feel you. My heart beats so fast, it stops. Our flows get connect eachother. I typing on this keyboard, and my fingers are shaking. Your closeness is strong. I feel it. We both feel our closeness. If we both close our eyes and we take a deep breath we can feel our hearts beat at the same time. Our parallel world, makes us feel in front, one of another. We dont take off our eyes one from another. Your eyes are the only place i want to dive myself, while my hands slide in your shirt, while you smile to me, without say nothing. You let me do it. We both close the eyes, while that rustle wake up our senses. While it falls down over your arms, you whisper me ‘Stay with me’, looking at me deeply. I would like reply you, but you stop me, caressing my face, you approaching, to kiss me in your own way. Your fingers gently touch on first my lips, then a shy smile, a fugacious glance, a caress on my face, then our lips meet. And in that kiss, all of our parallel world, become our most intimate part.



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