If i

luketramonto_forteThink of it… i think to drive crazy. You have had all these opportunities to check this open diary, and if it was really real. I can drive crazy. As now that i feel you close to me. It enough for me to look at you and our parallel world explodes around, and i feel you around me. Softly you embrace me. Your arms holds me tight. I feel your breath get faster and faster, and a whisper melt me ‘Look at me’, while you turn me in front of you. My heart explode and our glance meet. We remain breathless, while slowly, without realizing, we approach us. We feel our hands touch our skin. Mine on your face, and your gently slide on my hips. Caressing your skin, i feel your scent. I close the eyes for a second, right after i feel your lips kissin mine, while your hands drawing a gently map on my body. We dont take off our eyes one from another. With all your sweetness, you lift me in the air, then you slide me on your body. Eyes in eyes, a whisper runs away. ‘I love you’. And slowly we kiss tenderly. Without add no further words, then we remain to look at us in silence, while we hold us our hands, with crossed our fingers. Eyes in eyes, slowly we disappear in our soft kisses




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