When i arrive

default_scolora145-1Here for write to you, all around me disappears as magic, and only exist us. All that exists are our feelings and what we have created. Our parallel world. Our emotions, our feelings. A world full of unique sensations. Unique sensantions, when we are in front, one of another, as now. I close my eyes, and i take a deep breath, because i feel you here by my side. As always, i feel your embrace. When i begin to feel your presence, despite our real distance, my heart starts to beat fast and my breath get faster and faster, that it seems to stop. I wouldnt to turn me. But it’s stronger than me and i meet your wonderful eyes. You know, each time i dive myself into your glance, it’s hard, then, to break away from you. In your eyes, my senses expand. You, in front, caress my face, mentioning me a shy smile, without say nothing. Our lights start floating.
Here, where it has began everything, it seems more magic. You have on that white shirt and magically, falls down over your shoulders to stay over your arms. I remain without breath. Your lips approach my skin, while my fingers plays with your hairs. Our lights seems to take our hands to guide us to another place of our world. We seems to fly but instead, we remain where we are. Slowly we are giving ourselves. You hold me tight, i dive myself in your eyes touching, softly your neo, and we are kissing our lips endlessly.


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