I should be

luke0034_scuriUsed to your monthly incursions, but i dont. Everytime i see Australia in the statics i immediately think of you. Maybe you are, or maybe not. But let me dream, and let me think of you, that you take a look on what i write. Can i be sincere with you?? Yesterday night, for you morning, i didnt feel you close to me, as usual, but in these hours, wow,  you’re here, close to me and you’re embracing me so tight, that my heart is exploding. As i’ve told, nobody can take me off from my mind, that it’s you, and all that make me feel so happy, and a little bit thrill me inside. To dream of you in this way, it makes me hope, one day, we can really meet, and maybe ive right, when i’ve say, that this open diary was the right path to  make feel us a little united. Here, our parallel world can be real, really. Let me dream of it. Let me close my eyes and let me feel your closeness as i feel it in this moment.


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