My sweetest



As you’ve tell me, dont you give up, i did, and now i feel you are smiling to me, as in this pic. I dont know how explain my feeling, if not to write them, in this open diary. Each day, you make me feel happy, also just look at you, and i feel you here close by my side. If i close my eyes, i can feel your soft touch, and i feel your arms embracing me. It’s the most beautiful embrace i have had in my life. So soft, but at the same time, it makes me feel thrill me. I must to take a deep breath. While you arrive in front of me, we dont take off our eyes, one from another. Your hand caress my face. You can feel my heart beating so fast, despite we are far. But our parallel world it here for us. In of it, we can feel, we see us and we can explode together, and what we feel it’s only ours. Slowly i close my eyes and i imagine you sleeping, but in some ways your thoughts are towards to me, i feel it…. i feel you, and i love to feel these things, despite our real distance. You’re the only person i really need in this moment of my life, and im sure, you feel it too.


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