You and me


Alone here, where our feeling get stronger and stronger. Despite what is happened to me tonight with your folder, i dont feel sad, on the contrary, i feel determinate to goes on.  I feel you close to me, in these hours, more than ever. I feel your embrace, and your whisper ‘I’m with you’ and my vise is strong and i know it’s beacause you’re by my side. I must close my eyes and take a deep breath for a second. Your closeness is strong and i feel my emotions are overlwhelm by you. I feel your embrace from behind and our parallel world is around us trough your embrace. I feel it. And despite our real distance, when i look at you in your eyes, as if you was here with me, and you’re. Our connection is strong, we feel us eachother in a such way, that we didnt still understand what is, but it’s so. You make me feel so alive, and in your eyes i see what i really need. You transmit me all what you feel, and in some ways, you tell me, what all you do in your little gestures that i, only understand. I love all that. I love our parallel world, that we have created unconsciously.


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