You have call

drifeters22116_soloscuriMy name… you have whispered it… I have begin to feel you around me. As always, by now, you arrive from behind. Slowly i feel your embrace, your arms gently around me. I must close my eyes and take a deep breath to enter in this magic atmosphere our mind create while we get connect. You whisper me ‘See what i’ve bring to you’… You turning me around, and while you still turn me, something inside of me explode. My heart begins to beat fast. And when we are in front, one of another, i cant believe it. Our parallel world is already here, around us. I look at you with wide eye open. Without ask nothing, you whisper me ‘Today i’ve missed you too much’. While you have tell me this, without realizing it, my hand has starts to caress your face. ‘You have missed me too’. We didnt take off our eyes one from another. Our lights has begins to float and our minds melt as if was only one. My thoughts has became yours, and yours has became mine. I close my eyes again and i can feel your arms around me and i feel your sweetness trough my t-shirt. ‘I cant live without your written thought, by now’ you tell me, with your unmistakable deep voice. And now that im write what im feel, yes, i feel you by my side. As if we are really connected. I feel your hands that touches me, and i feel them hold my chest. And my head, my flows, ours flows as if was in continuos contact. Is it possible that this open diary is the right path to arrive to our real meeting.



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