monte197_moltiplica-1My eyes, i feel you behind me, that you arrive slowly and you lay your chest against my back. I can feel your soft and silk shirt. It make me feel in a such way, more be in intimate with you. We stay like this for a little bit. You embrace me sweetly. You have your face lay on my shoulder and you whisper ‘Let me know what are your feelings’. You leave me without the breath saying this. While i take a deep breath, i can feel your arms hold me tighter, as if you dont want let me go away. Slowly, i turn myself, and finally we looking at us, one in another. Without realizing it, i place my hands on your chest. I can feel your heart beat fast. It seems stop itself, instead it beats like a crazy one. You approaching me closer, that my hand finish to touch your bare skin. My hand slide in your shirt and it falls down over your shoulders, then to fall down on your arms. In that exact moment we both are breathless. In that simple moves, but full of all our desires, our parallel world explode around us, while we didnt take off our eyes one from another. Around us is exploded a world of emotions that we can see trough our eyes, our touches, through those little rustles and our breath that getting faster and faster. Our hands touches our bodies. I feel yours on my hips, your chest against mine, and our hearts and souls melt, one in another. We dont still kiss us, but our desire is strong. Face to face, we touch softly our lips many times. Around us, our lights float. Suddenly you lift me in the air, and i know then what will happens. It’s one of the moment more intimate we have. Slowly it happens. And that exact moment our connection is more strong, and i feel your lips on mine in one of the most sweet and passionate kiss we ever have given ourselves. In this kiss our parallel world exist. In every feeling we feel.
I looking at you i remain breathless.



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