I imagine

uber109_moltiplicaI see it. You would look at me in this way, one of the first times. With your eyes, withoutย say nothing. But inside of that glance all your sweetness. As i feel you now here close to me, despite our distance. If i close my eyes, i can feel your hands on my hips and your eyes on me, whithout take them off, you begin to approach to me, because you would likeย  caress me. What you would see is a shy girl, who ashamed about her physical problems, who wouldnt show you how many difficulties she has, but only her part that can give love. A special love she has found in you.
I would like hide all these sides i really dont like of me. But im sure, you, wouldnt notice them neither.ย  And you would begin to look at me and you would keep my hand as if was natural, and as if was the most natural thing of this world, you would place my hand on your chest, whispering me ‘Do you feel it?’ I would feel your heart beat fast. And in those moment, we would see our lights float around and our parallel world would be open to us, while you approach me to lay soflty your lips on mine. Right after, you would look at me and you whisper me ‘You are special as you are. Look what you’ve created. Our world. Without of it i wouldnt have met you, instead, i have need of it. Of our connection, of our parallel world. I need of all this, i need you more than ever’. Without add further words you approach me, and our lips meets again.


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