Here i’m

jakenowakoski0019_lumascuriYou’ve waited for me. My vise get stronger and stronger now. I’ve felt you around me, you have look at me, while i did the bag. I have feel you, your glance. But now that im writing i feel you more than  ever. How is it possible that this open diary is really, our  the gate of our parallel world. It’s so that we feel eachother. While i begin to write in this diary that i’ve dedicated to you, and my emotions succeed to arrives to you, there on the other side of the planet. And what which i write you feel it as our connection, and i feel your closeness because our minds get connecting trough these few lines i leave. I looking at you, in your eyes and the only reply i can give myself is yes. Our parallel world develop itself, when i write in this diary. And when i feel your closeness, it’s because, you need must to read what are my feel. This is, when you call me, when you whisper my name, and i feel you inside of me. Maybe is all this or maybe is because our connection is really real. And our parallel world contains our twin flames.


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