You look at

uber16_chiarithis too. It’s our parallel world, that call us. Suddenly i feel you so close to me. As if you embrace me and i feel you scent in the air. I dont need to close my eyes, ‘cuz your closeness is almost tangible, and i feel you already here by my side. I still surprise myself how  i feel you next to me, despite our real distance. It’s incredible how you makes me feel alive, despite we dont know us, but in the deep, you know  a little of me, and that’s why our connection works. Maybe for real you take a look on what i write in this open diary, and these visits from Australia every month are yours.
And now, despite our distance, we are get connecting. That’s why i feel my vise get stronger and stronger and my head is exploding, as if we call us eachother. I can feel you whisper my name, and the excitment i feel it’s because i can hear your recall inside of me. I can hear your deep voice, and it thrills me. I know, i feel you’re alone in your room and something pushes you to me. I close my eyes and i take breath, i can feel you are slowly embrace me. You have changed scent. I can feel it. This drives me crazy. ‘And you, what do you perceive of mine?’
I could stay here, diving myself  into your glance, without never get tired of it.


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