At this

botta2Time your closeness it’s too much also for me, and i must to stop to write what are my feelings. My heart begins to beat fast and our minds get connect, also i know now you’re sleeping, maybe in this moment is more stronger our connection. You are maybe you’re dreaming about our parallel world and that’s why i feel you so close to me, despite our distance, maybe it’s how it does works our world.
I was think to many things, but one in particular, that made me smile and in some ways blush myself, and in some ways it link us. When in twitter someone has get notificated us in the same reply, i always asked myself what did you thought? It has happened often. Maybe i’ll ever dont know, but you have thought something.  But now i dont want stop myself on this. I want to tell you, how turn around my head, and my thoughts are toward to you. Also today, while i was do my hour of cyclette i have feel you by my side. You was behind me and you have embrace my hips. It was exciting thing. I have feel your scent around. I have had close my eyes, but you didnt leave me. You was here, and your hands embraced me. And i feel you still now. When i feel you in this way, i woud like only come to you and stay  with you in silence. And be caressed by you and to feeling your heart that beats like mine. I would like do only this. Stay with you.



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